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Sauga — breathing new life into the culture of fishing

Sauga Fishing Village is a small village in Estonia that embodiesa harmonious coexistence with nature. There life revolves around the rhythms of the waves and the bounty of the sea sustains both livelihoods and a deep-rooted sense of belonging. Family members have been involved in fishing and seafaring for generations. Nowadays locals uphold age-old traditions passed down through generations and breathe new life into the culture of fishing.

In their recent years of activity, Sauga has been awarded the Green Key label: An internationally renowned eco-label for tourism businesses, acknowledging companies that follow sustainable development principles in their operations. Under the Your Green Holiday label, they offer services perfect for those who value sustainable holidays and wish to contribute to a cleaner environment, such as trash fishing — catching “treasures” that don’t belong in the wild, thus leaving greener rivers behind.

Sauga was listed in National Geographic Traveller (UK) as one of the places in Europe for alternative winter experiences with ice fishing. The future for Sauga holds building new bridges between past and present as they bring in more old sailing and marine vessels, restoring them and introducing them to younger generations by creating an on-site musem with various hands-on workshops.

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NOMINEE Rebranding

NOMINEE Logomark and Logotype

SILVER Illustration

NOMINEE Illustration

NOMINEE Brand Identity

BRONZE Corporate Illustration

The captains of Sauga

Family members of Sauga Fishing Village have been involved in fishing and seafaring for generations. The new logo draws inspiration from its former design, keeping the rugged charm of Sauga’s old captain, and adding a touch of vintage lure boxes. The result is an emblem with a nostalgic feel, featuring a crafted illustration of the seasoned captain.

The captain's stoic demeanour, worn hat, pipe, and windswept beard evoke tales of seafaring adventures, while vintage typography adds a timeless elegance. Dark green reminiscent of rolling rivers along with reds of buoys and old boatsheds infuse the logo with a sense of heritage.

The spirit of seafaring and the wisdom of the old captain converge in a timeless journey of exploration and wonder, beckoning adventurers and nostalgic souls alike to embark on a voyage of discovery.

A modern take on traditions

The branding seeks to encapsulate the timeless allure and rustic charm of Sauga traditional fishing village. Inspired by the symbiotic relationship between the community and the sea, the brand evokes a sense of authenticity and nostalgia. Warm, earthy tones reminiscent of weathered wood and sun-kissed shores dominate the colour palette, while typography reflects the balance between heritage and modernity.

Custom made linocut illustrations add a whimsical touch and honour age-old traditions. The brand narrative of Sauga Fishing Village celebrates the rich tapestry of coastal life, inviting people to embrace a more connected existence rooted in tradition and community.

Photos and videos of Sauga by Kaur Kasemaa and Rivo Kingi

Visit Sauga webpage


Taju Kuldmuna 21 Corporative branding
Taju logomärk - Kuldmuna 2021
Taju koduleht - Kuldmuna 2021


Due Volte - Kuldmuna 2024 - Branding
Due Volte - Kuldmuna 2024 - Logomark and Logotype
Due Volte - Kuldmuna 2024 - Web Design
Due Volte - Kuldmuna 2024 - Illustration

Due Volte

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